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What is Commodities Research?
Commodities prices are governed by many factors viz., demand, supply, weather, import /export scenario, government policies, production and demand in other countries etc. Commodity research takes into consideration of all these factors and analyses past history, trend in prices and predicts probability of future prices.

On what basis commodity research generate advise/calls?Generating research calls are based on technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis. These calls are on intraday basis (positions have to squared off before end of the day) as well as long term / positional one (positions will be carried over for more than 2 days to few weeks).

What is Fundamental/Technical Analysis? There are predominantly two ways of analyzing and predicting future prices. Firstly through fundamental analysis and secondly through technical analysis. Fundamental analysis comprises of predicting future prices by way of analyzing demand supply mismatch, along with other quantitative and qualitative factors viz, carryover stock, produce quality, government policies etc. Technical analysis tries to predict trend of future prices by means of historical price chart of the commodity. It assumes that all factors have already been factored in the price of the commodity.

How many intraday calls are issued per day? Usually 8 to 10 calls are issued on any given day though the number varies depending upon the volatility of market on that particular day.

How many positional calls are generated on regular basis? Positional calls are long term calls and are issued as and when opportunity arises. Still one can expect one to three positional calls in a month.

Can I get live market updates / Calls? All research calls are issued by analysts are live calls at current price level. These calls are followed up by analysts till the closure of the call.

What is the average accuracy level of research calls? Reliance Commodities research desk have a proven track records of more than 70% of success ratio for their research calls. Still past performance is not a guarantee of future performance and the success ratio may vary.

Can I get research advice/calls on yahoo messenger / mobile ? Yes. We are providing research calls on mobile messages, yahoo messenger and NEST terminal for our clients.

How many research reports will I get on regular basis ?There are various research reports being generated by research desk. These include :

  • Daily technical snapshot for morning as well evening session
  • Weekly reports
  • Special reports
  • Event base reports


How can I trade on research calls ? Clients will get research calls on their mobile/ yahoo/Nest terminal. They have to trade on all calls.  Every call will have entry, exit and stop loss levels. Once client enters the trade, he/she must put stop loss order as well as profit booking order.

What Is the Benefit of trading on Research calls? As research calls are issued by experience analysts, does have higher probability of finding correct trend, trading on research calls leads to higher probability of eliminating wrong trades and riding correct trades.

Can I get free Research Calls on yahoo & SMS? One has to subscribe for research services from Reliance Commodities Ltd. one may contact to his regional manager for the same.

Who can subscribe research calls ? All our esteemed clients can subscribe for research calls from Reliance Commodities.

How can I get to know the past performance of research calls? Call performance tracker is available on Reliance Commodities website.

Can I get personalized research?We provide personalized research services of our Hedgers and Arbitrageurs clients.

Is there any special recommendation for those who are very conservative and low risk aversion clients or having lesser capital? Those who are with lesser capital, should trade in mini lots. Those who are conservative or low risk appetite with sufficient capital, should trade in arbitrage and spreads products.

What are the major Economic indicators and how they do impact commodity prices? Economic indicator is any economic data that is used by traders/investors to interpret current or future prices, investment possibilities and judge the overall health of an economy. Usually specific data released by government and non-profit organizations have become widely followed by traders / investors. These include:
- The Consumer Price Index (CPI)
- Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
- Unemployment figures
- The inventory and price of crude oil

Commodities are transacted across the countries and factors affecting the exchange rate, impact the price of commodities too.

What are the basic technical indicators in technical analysis? Most common technical indicators are Moving averages, Moving average convergence and divergence (MACD), Stochastic, Relative strength indicator (RSI), Parabolic SAR etc.

Can I get guaranteed profit oriented strategies? Commodities futures derivatives are leveraged product as one has to pay just a fraction of total value (called as margin and varies from 5 to 10%) of commodity to enter in a transaction. There is always some element of risk involved in future trading.There are few lesser risk strategies viz, spread trading and cash to future arbitrage.


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